CALLEFI’s purpose is to support ethical, commercially sustainable, environmentally-friendly Luxury and Premium Brands (reflecting an authentic African or Caribbean cultural narrative) including most critically its infrastructure eco-system (across the value chain). Focus is on Brands with substantial /planned local manufacturing, development /sourcing/ use of local raw materials and inputs, majority equity/revenue "ownership" across its value chain by its Founders; and where Founders are committed to delivering tangible long-term social and financial impact as "impact operators" in their countries / communities with a focus on entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, women empowerment, and direct financial & strategic investment. |  CALLEFI - Luxury Lifestyle Experience for Investment & Impact (reflecting Caribbean and African heritage)



  • Apparel & Textiles

  • Leather Brands

  • Art & Collectibles

  • Health & Well-Being

  • Infrastructure Eco-System Support: manufacturing, logistics, renewable energy, technology, human capital development, brand development, merchandising


CALLEFI c/o Sphere Management (Mauritius), Suite 605, St James Court St Denis Street, Port Louis, Mauritius