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Anyango Mpinga is an award-winning fashion designer, born and raised in Nairobi, the land of cool waters. In 2011, she started her clothing line Kipusa, a brand that is synonymous with elegance, authenticity and style. In 2015, she re-branded and launched her eponymous high-end brand ANYANGO MPINGA, which emphasizes a more conscious consumption of fashion products, focusing on a clean, transparent supply chain that is sustainable and ethical.

Anyango’s influences are drawn from her spiritual life as a Baha’i, her love for the arts, her travels and her rich multi-cultural heritage. Anyango’s work is a testament of her love for art in motion while creating sustainable incomes for the artisans she works with across the globe.

Her work has been featured in several regional and international media including Vogue, Almanach (Berlin Fashion Week); and featured in books “Mtindo-Style Movers Rebranding Africa” (award-winning photographer Daniele Tamagni photographer, and edited by Founder of FA 254 Waridi Schrobssdorf), “Not African Enough” by the Nest Collective,” Aspirations of a Generation” (a collective of the musings of 80 young Kenyans).

Brand Categories:

Womens Apparel (Premium)

Leather Goods

Social Initiatives:

“Free As A Human” is a Campaign founded by Anyango Mpinga as a rally to end the sexual exploitation of young girls; the use of child labour and the enslavement of humankind. This artistic endeavour will continuously support the work of HAART Kenya, a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting against human trafficking in East Africa. For each item purchased from Free As A Human branded merchandise, $5 will be donated to support the HAART Kenya safe house for young, unaccompanied female survivors of modern day slavery.


2016 She Trades Collective Award, International Trade Centre (UN)

2015 Designer of the Year, Kenya Fashion Awards

2014 Africa Designers for Tomorrow (Finalist), Berlin Agency FA 254

Founder & Designer:

Anne Mpinga