CALLEFI is delighted to showcase for sale on an ongoing basis - traditional, tribal, and contemporary African Art.



Follow the Flow, Feel the Energy

Proudly featured is the renowned KOHAR Kevorkian, an Ethiopian-Armenian artist who works and lives in Addis Ababa, and who has shown at some of the world’s leading Art Galleries and Auction Houses including Saatchi Gallery in London.

ARTWORK: KOHAR specializes in creating arts and artifacts using the most creative, stylish, and unprecedented techniques. KOHAR's unique art ranges from passionate paintings to 3D wall pieces, channeling what she sees into what she displays. Being artistically groundbreaking, Kohar's artistic pieces are created using the most environmentally sustainable means. Kohar ventures in various art forms thus conveying emotion, feeling, energy, feminism, colour, and the importance of function. Her signature piece of art is the classic African Comb or "Mido" which can be found with various private and public collectors.

COLLECTIBLES: Sold under the brand name "Si-Bago" (bags) and "Kork Tavity" (carpets, rugs), Kohar's bags and rugs are all handmade using recycled and discarded sibago, leather, jute and hence each is unique. Sibago in Amharic is the name of a rope that is made out of the root of the fibre of the Sisal plant. The workmanship is all handwoven, blending traditional and modern techniques to produce unique, high quality products.

HOME FURNISHINGS: Mirrors, tables, candle holders, wooden sculptures, pottery, leather cushions, lighting designs


CALLEFI Catalogue

TOGETHERNESS - Material: Acrylic, Oil, 14K Gold | Size: 110cm x 120cm | Its about community living.  Supporting each other and acknowledging the needs of others. That's why it's called togetherness. 

THE PRAYER - Material: Acrylic, Oil, 14K Gold | Size: 100cm x 100cm | Making a wish through prayer and finding calmness to find balance. 

RYTHMN OF ENSERA - Material: Mixed Media | Size: 135cm x 135cm | Ensera means pottery in Amharic in Ethiopa. We use clay hence we feel earth. Every pottery holds energy / tradition and culture to express where it's from. 

RHYMES OF TRADITION - Material: Acrylic, Oil, 14K Gold | Size: 70cm x 130cm | Every tradition has its own beat .. listen to the drums.

THE GOLD REEF - Material: Acrylic, 14K Gold | Size: 110cm x 120cm | There are the Coral Reefs and for me there is the Gold Reef.  I want it to shine with the rhythm of the water. 

COLOURS OF AMATHYST - Material: Acrylic, 14K Gold | Size: 146cm x 66cm | Amathyst comes in different hues and tones. Every angle gives a different shine. 

SEFFED SERIES - Material: Acrylic, 14K Gold | Size: 50cm x 90cm | Seffed is made out of hay and all the intricate work is woven by hand. They are my way of capturing a Seffed collection. 

COME LET'S HAVE A GLASS OF WINE - Material: Mixed Media | Size: 118cm x 120cm | After a long day everyone seeks a moment to watch the  sea and have a glass of wine to unwind. Take that moment to see. 

CASCADES OF PATTERNS - Material: Acrylic, Oil Pastel, 14k Gold | Size: 70cm x 130cm | Patterns are the resemblance of the embroideries of the traditional dresses and what is used on the furniture of both Armenian and Ethiopian art.  They resemble Cascades.

UNTITLED (Lake) - Material: Acrylic, Oil Pastels | Size: 100cm x 100cm | Houses in front of a lake .. each will have a reflection of the shimmer of light having tranquility as their base. 

UNTITLED (Seffed) - Material: Acrylic, Oil Pastels | Size: 100cm x 100cm | They are a collection of hand woven platters called Seffed. They are made with hay. They resemble a town during sun set. 

SOLD - ETHIOPIA DOOR COLLECTION SERIES B - Material: Acrylic, Oil, 14K Gold | Size: 100cm x 175cm | Every new space needs a door to walk in to. Why only decorate the space inside if we can say who we are and start decorating with sculptures and carvings from the exterior. Walking thru energy.