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Enzi Footwear is crafted from a combination of high quality materials, selecting the finest leather working closely with its ISO 14001 certified supplier striving to minimise their environmental impact. Enzi reduces the processing of its full grain leather and suede to give its footwear a unique natural look.   All these elements combined produce footwear that fits like a glove and will age beautifully.

ENZI has spent the past 2 years developing its own production operation in Ethiopia on a level that can compete with other brands in the international market. By having its own local manufacturing and production operations, the team is able to manage its own quality control, as well as, to quickly innovate and modify production. ENZI is proud to pay significantly above market wages and benefits for its entire team, while upgrading the skills and securing the loyalty and dedication of its team.

Brand Categories:

Leather Goods – Men’s Footwear

Founders & Creative Designers:

Azariah Menigustu, Jawad Braye