Changing the Narrative of African Textile Stories

Karingana wa Karingana is a Mozambican textile brand created in 2015. The company is dedicated to the Custom design of prints for textiles and surfaces for Apparel and Upholstery, with a modern approach and local African content. Karingana arises from the need for African prints created in Africa or by Africans, respecting what local customs and customs are, rescuing the textile tradition that existed for several centuries along the continent, and the need to be able to have African prints in a variety of materials.

Karingana wa Karingana means, once upon a time in Changana, a dialect from southern Mozambique. It is how the elders introduce the stories they would tell around the fire. Karingana speaks of a tradition of passing down knowledge from generation to generation orally in Africa. Our Brand follows the same philosophy in the way it narrates the different stories through its textiles, preserving thus this tradition of storytelling.

Brand Categories:

Custom Textiles for Apparel & Upholstery

Founder & Creative Director:

Wacy Zacarius