Kiki Kamanu, is the face of her eponymous label While with the Ford modelling agency in Boston, she had the honour of walking for several designers including Chanel and Gucci. Kamanu’s lively fashion fusions are available in limited editions for discerning men and women seeking superior personal style in casuals and formal wear. Her eclectic pieces include her revolutionary multifunctional ‘Comme Tu Veux’ wrap that wowed everyone at London’s Fashion week.

Kiki left her role at Harvard, to devote her energy to producing well-crafted exclusive creations while continuing to give back to the Nigerian community by espousing the principles of fair trade.  Kiki continues to be passionate about youth empowerment and mentors young men and women who are new to the world of design.

Kiki Kamanu’s brand distinctive chic has been featured on several runways including Sleek, London Fashion Week and the ARISE Magazine Fashion Week. In addition, she and/or her designs have appeared in major American, European, Nigerian and Turkish media including CNN International and Russian Tatler. Kiki has dressed leading personalities such as Stephanie Okereke of Nollywood, Toks Susan Taylor, Editor-Emeritus of Essence Magazine and French singing duo Les Nubians, and has developed a faithful following in the United States, Nigeria, the Persian Gulf, and now the United Kingdom.


Brand Categories:

Womens Apparel (Premium)