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African Heritage, Global Design

SAPELLE is a contemporary Lifestyle Brand (currently repositioning itself and rebranding as a Premium Brand) for Women's Fashion and Home Decor pieces, fusing African textiles and craftsmanship with modern design. Sapelle brand is synonymous with African design amongst aspirational consumers of all backgrounds, and an expert in African lifestyle and design, speaking with an authentic voice about the origins, production and context of our products.

Brand Categories:

Women's  Apparel (Premium)

Furniture & Homeware

Social Initiatives:

SAPELLE's impact strategy is to support African artisans, creating hundreds of sustainable jobs and stimulating empowerment of African youth and women through collaborative long term partnerships, training and fair trading, and use of technology (e.g. telecom, solar energy, mechanisation of production processes) to improve efficiency, manage workflow, and upgrade technical skills.


2016: Awarded 'Commonwealth Champion' status, of the Commonwealth Export & Investment Council's 100 UK SME's with high growth potential.


Daphne Kasambala