Victoria Grace is a bold, yet elegant fashion brand. It aims to service women who love style, luxury and creative expression. The brand fuses African and European culture by blending unique styles that can be worn by all. This creates the ultimate taste of European-African joie de vivre. When asked why Jennifer settled on the name Victoria Grace, she replies, “Life is about staying thankful, acknowledging our daily victories and walking in grace. The symbol of the horse in the logo represents Beauty, Power, and Elegance.

London-born Nigerian Jennifer Ijeoma Rönne created the fashion label Victoria Grace in Nigeria. Her fashion career spans from working with Condė Nast, Vogue,  and Calvin Klein. In 2008, Jennifer returned to Nigeria where she held the post as the Director General of the Nigerian-German Business Association. During this time, she also partnered with Africa Fashion Week Nigeria to promote the Fashion and Textile industry. Recently, Jennifer has returned to fashion, actively promoting the fashion and garment manufacturing industry in Nigeria and the UK. She is passionate about her work and creations.

Brand Categories:

Women’s Apparel (Premium)

Social Impact:

Victoria Grace supports various causes which improve basic quality of life across West Africa. Fabrics are primarily sourced in rural parts of the world, antique shops and artisan markets, which enables these communities to build small businesses and develop independently. All proceeds for the 2018 collection go towards Sickle Cell Anaemia, Nigeria.


Jennifer Ijeoma Rönne